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Only Marble Sharp
NAXJA Member
Thank you to all that participated in the elections and congratulations to your new elected BOD.

The new 2024 -2025 Board or Directors are:

The current 2023 - 2025 Board of Directors (BOD) for the SoCal Chapter are:

Chapter President: Tim "Bent" Bentley

Chapter Vice President: Tom "Anak" Franks

Chapter Secretary/Treasurer: Carol "Carol.92124" Horsley

I personally am doing better, and as such am looking forward to more activities and runs for the future. In addition we will have the Adopt-a-Trail program back up and running. That is as soon as my back ordered fuel injector(s) arrive for the Comanche. Then I can turn my attention to a few issues with the XJ.:repair:

We as a Board welcome any suggestions, or ideas to help keep this chapter active and its members connected.