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SoCal: Hungry Valley / Gorman day run, 05/21


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For anyone in the area who can't make it up to Pismo Beach over the May 21st-22nd weekend, we've got a day run scheduled for Hungry Valley SVRA on Saturday the 21st.

This event is open to all suitable 4WD vehicles; participation is strictly per the terms and conditions of the OHV area. Although not an official NAXJA event, it is strongly recommended that the standard NAXJA required equipment list be adhered to.

We'll be meeting at the Carl's Jr. at 49669 Gorman Post Rd Gorman, CA 93243 at 9am with a rollout time of 10am. To get there from the freeway:

- Exit I-5 northbound at Gorman and make a right at the end of the off-ramp.
- Make a right at the first stop sign.
- Make a right into the Carl's Jr. parking lot.

For anyone coming up later in the day, to get to the north entrance (note: all other entrances are currently closed) of the OHV area directly:

- Exit I-5 northbound at Gorman and make a left at the end of the off-ramp.
- Make a right after the McDonald's onto Peace Valley Road.
- The OHV area entrance will be approximately 1.5 miles ahead on your left.

There is no exact street address for the north entrance, but any of the gas stations in Gorman will be able to direct you should you need help in finding it.

The trail plan will be decided on the morning. However, Pipeline to Pronghorn will probably be used as the starting point. CB channel 4 (alternate 14) will be in use.

Bring stuff to grill for lunch; we'll be BBQing in the Aliklik campground. Note that you must bring your own wood or charcoal for cooking; wood gathering in the SVRA is *not* permitted.
OK, the run's this Saturday and while we've got some interest in it, we don't know how many are planning on going. Please check this thread and sound off in it if you'll be there.
22 hours and 50 minutes to go. See y'all who can make it there.