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Skyjacker lift


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Tempe, Arizona
Is anybody running the Skyjacker 6" double flex kit? I have a 2001 XJ 4-door, 4.0, auto. What are the biggest tires you can run without hacking the fenders? Any pics of this kit on a Cherokee? Is it worth the fatt cache they want for it?
I wouldnt even consider this kit,Go RE(at that height you might consider long arms). As for tires I managed 32x10.5's with no trimming at 5.5", but Im still working working on 33x10.5's at 6.5"(bent a fender 2weeks ago).I did a little trimming behind the flare and I need to move my axle forward some.
I live in Tempe, I see you live in Phoenix. Could you e-mail me privately...I would like to check out your XJ. I need to sell my rockcrawler YJ for the money to do this, have custody of my 2 boys and I need room for us and all of our stuff. Right now I have on a 2" BB and 30 x 9.50's, and it looks very vertically challenged!
Here it is,like I said Ive still got lots of work to do.And I had my 5.5" kit working so well!
I agree, buy the rubion express long arm kit. I run a Pricejacker kit and I have replaced everything except the craddle and the front coils with someone elses parts. This is a very expenesive way to have to learn. My first kit was R.E. 4.5" kit and I never had problem with it. And alot of the new parts I have purchased are from R.E. The 5.5" kit from R.E. is as tall or taller than most peoples 6"er's and will acomidate 33's beautifully.
Hey whats up, I'm in Mesa. I recommend RE. We had the SJ 8" Rock Ready Kit and got rid of it ASAP. It sucks. Anywho, I have a 96 at 6" and run 33's on the trail. Alot of trimming because I can :D Check out my site at grapeape.myjeeppage.com I am with AZVJC, ArizonaXJ and AZUndertakers
I have the 6" RR kit, I'm running 33's. They do rub in the back, I trimmed the front so they don't rub. I have had the kit for about 5 months, I wheel it hard every weekend and have no problems at all. There are a couple of things that Skyjacker could have done better is not run heims and put Johnny joints or something instead. Their front coils run stiff, but the idea of the sub-frame assembly is genius. I've taken it to moab a dozen times or so and the flex is awesome.
Woops, I stated above that all I have left is the craddle and that was wrong. I never had a craddle what I was really talking about was my sub frame. I also still run my UCA's from Picejacker. And yes I love the subframe desighn. But they will not sell you just a subframe, I tried. These kits do perform well but RigidXJ has only been running this kit for 5 months. It took me about a year to really start seeing any peoblemes. Oddly enough the Pricejacker waranty only lasts a year. Luckly I have friends at 4 Wheel Parts.
BTW the lower arms used are the same as the Skyjacker dodge LCAs. You can get the dodge single flex arms which has one heim and one bushing. Put the bushing on the car end and the heim on the axle, and you will never hear the heim again. Their upper arms are the same length as others, so you can actually use RE or other arms with bushings in them.