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Shim Questions


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Ok long story short I need shims to bring my rear driveshaft into alignment so to speak. I have a 98 with a tcase drop and about 4.5" of lift, the last 1.5" being an extended shackle. How do i know if i need 3 degree or 6 degree shims? And is there any reason to spend the cash to go steel instead of aluminum? Thanks
Everyone is different, so you'll need to measure for the correct angle.

Minetook a 6 degree at that height, but I have an SYE and *don't* have a case drop.

Steel all the way - the aluminums will bend and flex over time, allowing for more spring wrap over time. Plus, they tend to crack when wheeled hard.
What parts do I measure? Ive never done any of this work before, so sorry if it seems like a stupid question...
Go here - http://4xshaft.com/driveline101.html About halfway down there are a pair of illustrations that show the angles you want. Measure along the length of the driveshaft and along the machined faces of the t-case output and the pinion.