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SeanP BOR leaves in yet?


NAXJA Forum User
Bakersfield, CA
I have just about everything I need just need a driveshaft, do the long arms and get some shackles and OH!!, I need your leaves. Did you get yours yet!! UPS is paying to relace the one they lost, I have the cash when you are ready.
Thanks!! By the way, how was MOAB??
Hi Rob:

Moab was a blast. I towed my rig out there and with the added piece of mind, I drove a bit agessively, shall we say. I basically followed Sean Rose (onetonXJ or JeepFreakSean) with his chopped buggy-ized XJ. Flopped on drivers side twice.

I have the BOR leaves. 1462s are next to my garage. One side is fully 1" lower than the others. I am thinking that you might add one more spring to the leaf pack from your stock leaves in order to balance them out. They have 6 degree shims attached which I will throw in. Also, I need to set up a paint booth in the garage and would love to see the cherry picker (which you so generously lent me) go bye-bye. I will be around all week. Give me a call on my cell phone and we can hook up.

Great!! Did you mean that you flopped on the drivers side twice or someone else? I will call you today and can get the cherry picker this week or maybe today. See ya.