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Runs 2010

Format change????????????????????


Sierrafest in Deer Valley and Slick Rock. More information Here

So, as Letterman posted above the Annual Deer Valley run this year is now going to be Sierra Fest 2010 and will be in July. The Deer Valley run has grown and there is so much interest that it makes since. The dates are not set in stone just yet but the week of July 19th thru the 25th is probably going to be it. I will post more once the offiicial thread is up in the NAXJA Events.

This year we are going to run some of the other trails other than Slick Rock and Deer Valley. We'll have some day runs up the Immigrant, Strawberry and maybe one or two more. We will need some volunteers who have run these to lead a group or two.

Should be a kick ass time!!!!

If anyone wants to put a run together in June go for it. Also Swamp Lake in August is still a go as well.