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Reno Fest 2018 Events


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We have the camp a day early this year, we suggest getting up there thursday evening since the price for red name camping is the same whether you show up Thurs or Fri.

Base camp is in Washoe Valley at Davis creek camp.

We will be inspecting every vehicle this year!

We are asking that everyone bring firewood that can. If everyone brings a little firewood in their rig, we will be fine. Post up on here if can you bring some firewood

Please have a CB and /or a Baofeng race radio for communication.
Go over every suspension and steering bolt in your entire rig before leaving
Especially tighten your leaf U bolts, check your center pins. Bring spare center pins.
Bring a fire extinguisher.
Make sure you have spare sensors and parts as needed.
Make sure your rig has been gone through and is in tip top shape.
Battery hold down is a must, no bungee cords.
No 260 U joint shafts on dana 30s, and no dana 35s allowed.

Thursday May 24th - Arrive at Davis Creek Group camp, Setup your camp. Go into Carson for Food and supplies.

Friday May 25th - Depart camp between 2:30- 3pm to head to gas up in Carson City, then head to Prison Hill. Possible PNP run in the morning for 50% off weekend. Any vehicle can go.

Saturday May 26th - Depart camp at 8:00am . 2 runs, an easier and a harder run. Easy run will be something like Steves Loop led by Eric and may possibly be Steves loop. Harder run will be chosen by Alan depending on the rigs going. I think 31s are the minimum requirement for Steves Loop ?
Saturday evening
NAXJA BBQ at Davis Creek camp after the days runs.
There will possibly be time before or after runs to head to Summit or PNP for parts.

Sunday - Bronco Canyon . This is an all day run. its far. Expect to get back late. Depart at 7:00am Led by Eric and/OR Alan . This trail is further away and is a all day trail. Bring lots of water. Bring parts, bring tools, bring sunscreen, bring a spare chair if you want , and bring extra food. Sometimes we get out of Bronco incredibly late. Bring more extra water than you think you will need.
BBQ back at Gordons house in the Virgina Highlands after Bronco instead of the usual pizza party ( Thanks Gordon !). We have had some Bronco runs in the past where we are out early and out to pizza and back at camp by midnight. We have also had bronco runs where we get back to camp at 2am after InnOut burger so be prepared. Its an amazing trail. Did I mention bring lots of water? We talked about upping the minimum requirements to 35s and lockers Front and Rear for Bronco. Exceptions will be made so just ask. we have gotten much less built rigs through Bronco but the entrance to the trail has gotten much harder. Dana 30s bring spare front shafts.

Monday- Go home. Stop by Cabellas on your way .
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Updates to Bronco on Sunday . Plan to Leave camp at 7am on Sunday.
Dont forget to notice we are doing a BBQ at Gordons house afterward and not going to pizza, its in there up top !
I am sure any hot springs or moonrocks is gonna be busy that weekend! But dang hot springs do sound good. Let's bring a hot tub to Bronco canyon
Who can bring an EZ up for saturday? Please post up here if you can. We need 4 or more.
Ok Lou , pat me and Dylan each have one. Thats 4. Its just in case of rain at the saturday bbq. More than likely itll be dry only 20% chnace.
My Dad found some free craigslist firewood so we picked it up yesterday morning, its almost 1/3 of a truck bed full but a bit rotted out so hopefully it'll last for a couple hours
No 260 U joint shafts on Dana 30's?!?

Could someone please educate me on how to determine what I have on my rig and why these U joint shafts are undesirable...? Also, what alternatives are there?

Thanks NAXJA!

lets start with - what year is your rig ? what front axle ? ABS or NON ABS?

Also please research the topic, this is probably one of the most widely covered XJ topics ever - converting to 297/760 shafts.

260 joints are 1.08 diameter at the caps, whereas 760 joints are 1.18" diameter across the caps. There are countless threads on grabbing 760 shafts out of a 96+ XJ front or a pre 96 with ABS and swapping them. If you have a CAD axle you almost surely have 260 joints. If non-CAD, you still might if you're non ABS. if you have ABS you are good.
1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport
Dana 30 front
Chrysler 8.25 rear
AW4 Tranny
4.0 Litre inline 6

I googled before I asked the question and literally not a single forum site appeared in the search results so I asked the question. Probably my bad for not searching specific forum sites before asking.

I found some information, thanks for the help.
Anyway, you have a 98 XJ, so you should have 760 U joints assuming a previous owner did not go out of their way to find a old set of shafts and purposely swap in the weaker 260 joints.

just search more . I googled " XJ 260 joint swap" and got tons of search results.
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Are California green sticker vehicles ok on the Steve’s Loop or equal run?

What are requirements? I don’t have a spare tire or radio.

Is there room for a pickup and trailer on Friday night and Saturday night?

Is anyone bringing children?
Are California green sticker vehicles ok on the Steve’s Loop or equal run?

What are requirements? I don’t have a spare tire or radio.

Is there room for a pickup and trailer on Friday night and Saturday night?

Is anyone bringing children?

Green stickers should be fine. Never have heard of anyone getting popped for no sticker or reg in nor nv... Spare tire would be nice but Im sure if you had a flat we could get it figured out. I have a spare handheld radio you can use. And I might habe my 3 year old out with me.

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I wont have any kids but im sure if push came to shove i could find some on craigslist.