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Removing Auto Lockers


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To remove lunchbox auto lockers, do you just need a set of stock spider gears for the specific axle? Specifically, an aussie in a Dana 30 and a Spartan in a Chrysler 8.25. Is there anything else that would be needed?
If I recall my aussie came with different thrust washers for the 8.25, butbinreused the stock ones when installing mine. You'll have to take the D30 carrier out and remove the ring gear to get the locker out. The biggest pain will probably be fishing bout the C clips from the rear axle.

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The new spider gears kits I've seen come with new washers so that shouldn't be an issue. Yeah, I've heard the C clips are a pain
The c clips in my 8.8 are no issues at all. Also yes just spider replacements will be fine. Washers also of course.

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