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Dana 30 arb locker question.


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Guys I’m looking at an arb locker for the front of a Dana 30. It would be 355 gears my question is what’s the difference between the one with 355 and lower gears and the one with 373 and higher? 10 years from now would I need to buy another locker if I upgrade to higher gears for bigger tires or can I replace the parts in the existing? This might be an arb technical question but I figure I’d ask.
You would have to buy a new carrier for 3.73's or higher. The difference is the offset of the ring gear mounting surface.
The distance between the ring gear mounting flange and the pinion is the difference.

There were some companies claiming to make "Thick" cut gears for the HP D30 a number of years ago, but not that I've seen in a while. Some folks have run a ring gear spacer to make up the difference, but then you have another piece of material to clamp in there and stay tight, in an already less than rigid setup.
Probably 355. But thanks for the information I was just curious. I’m not gonna do the front anytime soon. But it’s nice to know that it might still be an option if I do some digging.
I have never seen any "thick" gears for a HP D30.
FWIW, about 15 years ago I had to switch the case on my front D30 to go to 4.56 gears. I called ARB USA and they were pretty decent about selling me the bits to change it for what I thought was a reasonable price at the time. I forget what it actually cost and that was the "before times" so probably doesn't matter anyway. Give them a call and see.

Re: thick gears and more likely spacers, Spidey-sense says that such things do (did?) exist for high pinion Dana 30 axles but maybe I'm conflating the low pinion in the 2000-2001 and the TJ. I've been out of the Jeep thing for ~10 years and it's amazing what I've forgotten or mis-remember. Sometimes it's better to have no knowledge and research anew than second guess old, broken knowledge. Actually, on second thought, I probably had to go the route I did because HP30 spacers don't exist.
Aren't the ones that require you to grind a tooth down to fit the cross pin into the carrier 'thick'? Or are they just thick-er?
No, that applies to standard sets depending on the gear ratio!
You’d need a different lockers as others have said. The ‘best’ way to do this is buy the locker for the gears you want. Save up and buy gears one set at a time, then buy a rear locker. Buy install kits when you’re ready to have everything installed.

It is a little easier to stomach a $500 locker purchase than a $1,400 gear change with lockers all at once.
When I do it I’m gonna go ahead and get the lower gears I like 355 with 31” tire setup. If i change I will do like you said do it overtime
I’m doing the ford 8.8 swap right now with a arb locker and 355 gears. I have a true trac in the front but in bad weather I don’t like the jar it gives you in snow and ice when both tires lock up. Eventually I’m gonna switch it out to an air locker.