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Reader's Rig's

That thing is beautiful.

Hey guys here is mine. Build thread coming.

Okay... This rig needs a build thread and an ROTM entry with some action shots. VERY nice! :D
Been slowly working on my Rig, TNT long arms coming tomorrow and a Dana turdy being built in the shop next.

4.5 inch lift, from Various places.
Homemade Rails and Bumper
Other random things.

Nice! Details please, tire size? Especially interested in that intriguing armor.
Nice! Details please, tire size? Especially interested in that intriguing armor.

1992 XJ
6" Iron Rock Offroad LA lift
Blistein 5100 shocks
35x12.50-15 Goodyear MTRs
Artec trussed Dana 30 w/4.88s, ARB locker, Ruffstuff diff cover, and RCV axles
Chrysler 8.25 w/ rear disc conversion, 4.88s, ARB locker, Ruffstuff diff cover, and Yukon axles
Warn Zeon 10s winch
Rigid LEDs
Hooligan Offroad (hooliganoffroad.com) Boatsides
Here is one on a old fire trail deep in the Mark Twain National Forest in the MO. Ozarks. Just after this first photo I killed a wild hog about a 1/4mi. further on down.

This photo is up about 800' higher than the one above on a valley floor. It snowed almost 10" this day and the wife and I spent 7 1/2 hrs on trails, built a fire and fixed our lunch we drove 54 mi off road that day.

Damn that's a nice rig
Is it weird that I am hesitant to paint my jeep a 'natural' color that blends into the scenery (in case I have an emergency and nobody can find me, ahhhhh!)
just paint a giant fluorescent dick on the roof. Problem solved
Here is my 97 xj np242 with Tom woods hd sye kit with driveshaft,

Still a lot of upgrades to come bumpers sliders cut and fold fenders and rear quarters etc. and tires, I know she looks like she missed leg day haha