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Reader's Rig's


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Thornton, CO
k'e Simple: Post a few pics of your rig and the general specifications, we don't need every little detail...............:laugh3:

And Absolutely NO insults or negative comments, compliments are however incouraged..........:greensmok

I'll start things off.....

1994 Cherokee Country
Rubicon Express 3.5" Super Flex Lift
Kevins Offroad Adjustable Trac Bar
15x8 American Racing 136's
31x10.50x15 Kumho Mud Terrains
AJ's Offroad Armor Super Rails
Rusty's Air Tube with 6x9 K&N

Poser pic, haven't been wheeling in a while............ :rattle:

My Jeep isn't lifted you still want me to post? BTW: That's a clean lookin Country, I like it.
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Here's the only decent shot that I have of my Jeep. I will try and take some more once it stops raining.

3" Black Diamond lift
Black Rock Crawlers
31" BFG's
With some other random crap

My one current pic of my Jeep. 1990 XJ Pioneer. 4.0, AW4

Only Mods are...
XJ-Armor's K&N Cone Conversion
Custom Leather Interior
P235 tires
Forgot to add: sagging leafs(they didn't come factory)
Consider this the before picture.... I just got a new 5 inch DPG lift.

As pictured... Pro Comp 3.5 inch lift, 31 inch at's

1989 Larado Stock moter,stock tranny, Tomkin long arms, pricejacker 8 inch coils, home made rear leaf pack. Locked front and rear 4:56 Gears, Rear 44.
I'll play



91 xj sport,3.5 lift(temporary)32x11.5 bfg mud. metric 1 ton rear 4.88 arb, 30 front 4.88 arb, custom sliders and front bumper, and other goodies.
1992 Jeep Cherokee Loredo, 4.0, auto.

HD suspension and Rusty's 2" BB w AAL
30 X 9.5 Roughrider A/Ts
Home made: bumpers, air intake, bored TB and a few other tricks

Pic taken today Jan 2/05


She's not the biggest or baddest Jeep there is.... but she's mine, and just how I like her.