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Reader's Rig's

The upswept LT1 Exhaust manifolds made for the perfect fit for the engine in the Cherokee. Advance adapters supplied the motor mounts. Ed Hanson in Spring Valley did a great job on the exhaust. Everything to the end of the cats had to match '95 Camaro w/ manual trans for smog inspection to pass. The Cherokee smog tests as a '95 Camaro
I wanted to post a pic before I swap my 33x10.5 KM2's for a new set of 33x12.50 Goodyear MTRs. A great tire but I want to go wider.



Tried to re-locate a tree by backing into it, and failed. All I managed to do was mash up the rear bumper and hatch.

Also worked up the courage to trim the fenders....

Little update to mine, 33's are on!

Hello this is my new Baby

jeep.jpg Stuffed.jpg
My current XJ and my last one about 9 years a part on the same rock at Horseshoe Mt. Colorado.

4.jpg 100_0468.jpg