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  • Yes, I do text, I am not that old.
    Sounds like you will be halfway about Indy correct? Meet you around lunchtime? Late Lunch?
    Wade, So you are heading down to the Crawl. I though I saw that you backed out. You convoying with Flexed or anyone else? I would be able to catch you on your way through the Indy area. Let me know. My mobile is 317-397-2869.
    Maybe I will see you at Harlen. I am thinking about going. Well see. That is a lot to ask from my old truck. You have a long drive ahead of you.
    I voted for you Wade. Good photos. I wish you were doing MI at WF this year. I might be the only Dana 30 this year......Later.
    hey,could you give me a shout next time you go to that place in east troy? i was there saturday and if i found the right spot ,the gate was closed. i didnt think i should just go in....cardboard was supposed to be there but maybe he wasnt. thanks,dave (yikes) 262-470-3928
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