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kelly klassen

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British Columbia
Finally ready for the new XJ. Got a couple quick questions:
1. Tow package:does it always come with a D44 and 3.73s? Does a D44 mean it has 3.73s?
2. What year did the 242 take over the full time T-case role?
3. 242(229?)/D44/Spool/33s/Semi daily driver. Any problems forseeable?
4. AW4 always used for the auto?

Thanks for the help.
1. I've never seen a factory D44 with 3.73's. All of the one's I have found in the junk yards had manual transmissions and they had 3.05's The tow package doesn't specify the D44 either, it was the metric ton package.

2. I know they at least had the 242's back to '88. Why do you feel you have to have a 242?

3. You'll have to rotate the tires more with a spool. Parking lots like to eat tires when there is a spool involved.

4. AW4 = '87 and newer

That's correct. My 87 D44 came with 3.55s. Manuals had 3.05. 4 cyl xjs came with 4.10s, but I doubt you can get both the tow package and the 4 cyl. Thus, no D44s with 3.73s. would be pretty cool though wouldn't it?

It says you have a 97, so if you have auto and full time, it's definately AW4/242, and most likely has the chrysler rear end.

Also I'd stay away from the spool even for a 'semi' daily driver. It would be fun to drive, and a beast, but it does eat up your tires. You'd be better off with a locker or limited slip. If you're gonna go the D44 route, you may be in luck since all XJ d44s I've seen have had trac-loc. My TL still works good after 185000 miles, and I never rebuilt it. However if you get a worn out one, it's easy and cheap to rebuild yourself.
I thought the tow package (or 1 tonne) only came with the AW4 back then, especially considering the notorious (lack of) strength of the alternative BA-10. It is fairly common for manufacturers' tow packages to drop a ratio; I've read somewhere that that is what they did with the XJs. I'm not totally set on the 242, just curious what the various XJs that I'm looking at have. I do currently have a 98, it has an AX-15/NV231/D35 non c-clip combo at the moment (swapped out the 8.25), but it is on the block and I'm looking for a trail vehicle to replace it. It'll be daily driven 4 miles each day to and from work. I'm planning 33s and dual cases, and I am aware of the tire wear issues. I hope to try out a mini spool before going to a full blown spool. How are the D44 carriers for strength? If I like the mini, is it worth changing it to a full spool?
yea your right, the GVW is much higher for the autos. Tow package is 4.0, hitch, aw4 , HD alternator, trac-loc, and wiring.

There's no tag on my 44, but the front says 3.55. I used to think I had 3.73s, which would make sence. I'm not sure how tightly Jeep adheres to what is supposed to go into what. There are a lot of wierd jeeps out there though, for example I got the 44 but no tranny cooler :dunno: 87 was a transition year from AMC to DC, what can you expect from such a downgrade