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progressive front coils?


NAXJA Forum User
I've been playing with my newest edition to my XJ colection and I knoticed the front coils seem to be progressive coils. The topp of the coils are very closely wound an if my burt brain is thinking corcetly that would mean progresive. Now are these stock or are they aftermarket? I'm getting ready to either do a 3in kit or just a 2in BB and cant decide wether just to spend the extra bucks on new coils or just leave these in. I'm only going to run 30s since its just a daily driver.
To run 30s IMHO you're far better off to do a 2" budget boost. Not only is it cheaper, you get a better ride because the control arms aren't angled as steeply, plus it doesn't screw up the caster vs. pinion angle adjustment as much.