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Parting out 1996 Cherokee and other XJ parts


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In Lanham, MD: I am stripping down a Forest Green 1996 Cherokee Country 4 door 4x4 AW-4 tan interior w/ 165K due to frame rusted to pieces(check out in picture showcase thread). So far the transfer case, dual-diaphragm booster, left front blinker and corner marker, and right rear taillight housing are gone. Everything is available: engine, tranny, steering column w/ airbag wheel, pcm, wiring harness, pw/pl doors w/ fake wood trim, fenders, bumpers, hood, hatch, seats, a/c condensor, cat(only exhaust piece worth a), axles, driveshafts, center console, glass, trim, whatever you can think of. Engine and tranny were pulled yesterday. I also have rear hatch glass(non defrost), 92 aw4 w/ 60K, three 91-98 intake manifolds(one with fuel rail and tan tops), TBs, airbox with accordion, 96 airbag steering wheel, and other random stuff. Ask and make offers.
How much for a drivers side tail light shipped to 47203?

Edit: scratch that. good luck with the sale!
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hey! i have the exact same cherokeee with injector issues.I think i need the injectors and the ECU.

i have a 96 sport 2wd.
Center console, header, front axle, tailgate and rear side panels, driver door panel, tb sensors, cts, battery sensor, and steering box are gone. Rear bumper is rusted to shite, so count that out(but front is good).




Doors and hatch(minus panel) are still available--body is in good shape.
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brake Booster/MC?
shipped to 98203?
Mirrors are gone(3 posts ^). Front axle is officially gone. Steering box and gauge cluster still available.
Gauge cluster, rear tailgate struts, and driver side front and rear lock actuators are gone.