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1996 2 Door XJ, very clean, tons of recent work.


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Castle Rock
Selling my 96 2 door. Raising funds to buy a house, help a brother out!

Major details are 96, 4.0, ax-15, 231, hp30, 8.25 27 spline, lunchbox lockers f+r, rough country long arm full 6" kit. Very clean inside and out. Over $3000 spent on maintenance/repairs in the last 6 months. I have the receipts and pictures documenting all of it, did the work myself. CL ad is here...https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/1996-jeep-cherokee-xj-2-door/6448306536.html

Listed at $6500 on CL but I will definitely make a deal for someone on NAXJA. Prices are all over the place for XJs around here. Located in Castle Rock.

Full text from the ad

"For sale is my 1996 Jeep Cherokee XJ 2 Door. SE trim level, 5 speed manual, manual windows and locks. Almost completely rust free, Colorado Jeep its whole life, a little bit of dirt underneath, floor boards are mint. Front door triangle windows are NOT the vent style so they don't leak. 1996 is the first year of OBD2 so it passes emissions with no problems. 1996 is also the last year of the "old" body style. 1996 also was the first year to get an airbag so it has the nicer steering wheel with an airbag. 4.0 inline 6, AX-15, NP231, high pinion Dana 30 front axle, Chrysler 8.25 27 spline rear axle with KJ Liberty disc brakes and working parking brakes! Only downside here is 3.07 gears unfortunately but with the 5 speed manual it does just fine. Will cruise past the 85mph speedo with no problem. Will hold 60 all the way up to Eisenhower tunnel. Gets 20+ mpg on the highway if you stay out of the pedal hah! I bought it last June from its 2nd owner. He only drove it 2000 miles in two years. He is the one that installed the lockers and long arm setup. Since buying it I have done extensive maintenance and repairs. Its in incredibly good shape now. It has some dents and scratches but its 22 years old and it goes off road so that shouldn't be a surprise. It has a few flaws, rear defrost doesnt work, rear window washer doesnt work, passenger door exterior mirror inside trim piece has a broken tab but it still adjusts the mirror. It has gotten me into and out of some great places and crazy trails. See the list of modifications and maintenance/repairs below. Im sure Ive forgotten some things. Currently removing the tint that has turned purple so it will not be tinted as some of the pictures show. Ill get it re-tinted if thats a deal breaker. I have over $3000 worth of receipts over the last 6 months. Much of the work I performed myself and documented all of it with pictures, ask for more or specific pics. Its kind of dirty in some of the exterior pics, Ill wash it tomorrow(1/5) and post some cleaner daytime pictures of the body. The wet spot on the driveway is not leaking from the Jeep, its grease from a turkey frying mishap HAH! Feel free to ask any questions. !!!NO check engine light or codes!!! !!!Its totally dry under the hood, does not leak a drop of any fluid!!! I am not afraid to drive this Jeep across the country. I work from home and can show it immediately. Located in Castle Rock.

NOT interested in trades. NOT interested in financing you. Clean title in my hands. Cash only.

35 year old adult male owner, not some punk kid. The only other owners were also adults. This Jeep has been treated extremely well."

Aftermarket parts

- 6" Rough Country Longarm kit with full leaf packs, 2.2 series nitrogen charged shocks, stainless brake lines and swaybar disconnects. (Its the full kit #67222) Custom hooks when disconnected to tie up the swaybar.
- Powertrax lockers front and rear
- Slip Yoke Eliminator SYE and double cardan driveshafts front and rear (both are stock front XJ driveshafts)
- Smittybilt front bumper with Smittybilt 9000lb winch, metal cable and winch controller
- (5)33x12.5 BFG AT K02's with 80% tread remaining on 15x8 steel wheels. Full size spare lays flat in cargo area with hatch closed and the rear seats up or down.
- G2 rear diff cover
- Stainless steel exhaust manifold
- Aftermarket head unit
- Cobra DX-19IV CB radio installed in factory overhead console with magnetic mount antenna for the roof.
- Aftermarket roof rack rails with custom beefy mounts under the roof/above the headliner. Easily able to support a roof tent yet looks stock.
- Roof basket if you want it
- 2 inch receiver hitch with brand new nut strips from Hooligan Offroad.

Maintenance and Repair all done since June of 2017.

- Comes with the actual original owners manual
- Also have an electronic copy of the Factory Service Manual if interested
- New rear main seal
- New oil pan gasket
- New oil filter adapter seal
- New in-tank fuel pump, screen and strainer
- New fuel filter
- New throttle body position sensor
- Cleaned throttle body
- New OEM crank position sensor
- New distributor cap and rotor
- New spark plugs and wires
- New water pump
- Coolant flush with chemical flushing agent, before installing new radiator.
- New thermostat, correct OEM 195 degree.
- New radiator cap, correct OEM 16psi rating.
- New radiator
- Cleaned coolant overflow bottle
- Cleaned engine bay
- AC was fully balanced and charged professionally with a machine not a can from Autozone, does not leak and blows cold.
- Heat blows really hot
- New stock replacement LUK clutch
- New throwout bearing
- New rear wiper bezel
- New stock shift knob
- Adjusted rear bumper to line up straight
- Adjusted hatch to latch and lock properly
- New rear hatch gas struts, opens hard all the way up even in super cold weather
- Refreshed transfer case linkage with grease
- Restored rear wiper arm and replace plastic bezel, rear wiper works, sprayer does not, I think its just the in-line electric pump. Will try to fix as time goes by.
- Recovered headliner with new black headliner specific fabric
- Installed OEM overhead console from "limited" trim Cherokee including full wiring harness with functioning compass and outside temperature
- Shampooed seats which are in great condition and are actual 2 door seats that fold and slide forward for rear seat access
- Very clean interior in very good shape, no dash cracks, minimal creaks and rattles. I try to fix them as the creep up
- Stainless steel aftermarket exhaust manifold "header"
- New intake and exhaust manifold gasket
- Cleaned intake manifold and area around manifolds when they were removed
- New valve cover gasket
- Refreshed engine bay grounds
- New battery terminals and refreshed wiring to remove any corrosion
- Remanufactured power steering pump
- Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ V8 tie rod
- Rotated tires
- New front unit bearings "wheel bearings" (Timken 513084) with 3 year warranty started 1 month ago.
- New rear wheel bearings and seals
- New diff fluid
- New trans and transfer case fluid
- Jeep Liberty KJ rear disc brake swap
- Full brake fluid flush
- New parking brake cables with rear disc swap
- New passenger leaf spring rear bushing
- New track bar bushings
- Exhaust tail pipe delete with turn down after muffler
- All lights work, turn signals, parking lights, tail and all 3 brake lights all interior lights as well including the 4 in the OEM overhead console.

More pics in CL ad or I literally have hundreds I can send, just ask.








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Price update, dropped to $5500 on Craigslist.