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On Board Air queston?

Viair's are awesome compressors but I don't know much about the 200 nor could I find the price.

I know the 450c is about $200 and the 380c is about $170. I run a 450c with 7 gallon tank on my truck for the air suspension and it works great. Fills my tank to about 200 psi in one or two minutes. Some of the best prices on Viair's are at suicidedoors.com.
It will take a while to fill tires without a tank. You will want one though as it only has a 20% duty cycle.

If the price is right I would probably take it but I would look for something a little more powerful.

Don't plan on running any air tools with it even with a tank.

Go with a CO2 setup. I paid $90 for the bottle (beverage supply company), $17 for the regulator (up to 250psi), hose $9, bracket $30. $14.00 to fill it up at the local welding supply.

It is incredibly fast at airing up my 32's. You can reseat beads, run air tools, blow out your garage, blow up air mattresses, inflatable boats, blow up dolls etc.

Thanks for all the help. I like the CO2 idea becuase I would be able to run air tools if need be. COuld I do that with the Viair compressor or would it have to be a bigger/more powerful model?

Thanks again for all the help!