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Omix Heavy Duty Leaf Springs


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Anybody have experience with the omix heavy duty leaf springs? I put on regular Dorman leaf springs last year and they are already getting saggy. I do occssional light towing with a flatbed trailer full of rafting gear, nothing crazy.

If you have used these, how much stiffer are they than oe leaf springs? Do they retain their lift very well over time or will they also get saggy within a few thousand miles? Thanks!
The Omix HD leaf springs are said to be similar to the Up-Country option factory leaf springs.

I have found that a stock XJ main leaf with the spring eyes cut off and installed into a stock leaf pack improves the load carry capacity and helps prevent sagging, without changing the ride quality.

LL - 3-1/8" free arch, load rating 405
LM - 5-5/8" free arch, load rating 605
LS - 6" free arch, load rating 675
LT - 7" free arch, load rating 755 UpCountry + 1 "

Dealer part numbers:
52000050 Standard Duty, Coded LB
52000051 Standard Duty, Coded LC, EC
52000706 Standard Duty, Coded LN, ES
52000544 Heavy Duty, Coded LK
52000545 Heavy Duty, Coded LL, EL
52000707 Heavy Duty, Coded LM
52002390 Heavy Duty, Coded LS
52002392 Heavy Duty, Coded LT ( UpCountry package +1” leaf spring)

Crown catalog list:
84/01 Standard Duty (LL ) 4 leaf - Jeep P/N 52000051
84/01 Heavy Duty (LS, ZGV, ZVV) 4 leaf -Jeep P/N 4886185
84/01 Heavy Duty (LT, ZGW, ZVW) 4 leaf -Jeep P/N 4886186 or 52002392 - UpCountry + 1”
84/01 Heavy Duty (LK ) 4 leaf - Jeep P/N 4886187
84/01 Heavy Duty (LN, ZUU, ZFU) 4 leaf - Jeep P/N 52000706
84/01 Heavy Duty (LM, ZGU, ZVU) 4 leaf - Jeep P/N 52000707
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