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Old Man Emu Suspension Systems


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cincinnati, ohio
I am new jeep owner. and i would like some advice regarding suspension.

I have a 90' xj 4 door w/ 4wd. I use it for work and typicly have 100-200 lbs. of tools and suplys in the back. the rear springs are saging. I want to get new Suspension all around that can hanle work, and be fun to play with on the weekends.

I have been looking into the Old Man Emu Suspension Systems and think they look good. what do you think about them? dose any one have old man emu on there jeep? where should i order the kit from, or should i look at another kit?

thanks for your help.
I have a set of OME coils in the front of my daily driver and have had OME shocks before on my trail rig. Vey nice, smooth stuff.
Check out DPG Off-Road for the best prices and customer service.
it ahs the best on-road ride of any of the aftermarket suspension lifts available, IMHO. your biggest problem will be inchitis. i was infected about 6 months after i installed my OME kit..now i'm going to 6.5" long arm.
It's an excellent system. I bought it four or five months ago on the recommendation of this board. I have no regrets. But if you are going to be carrying that much cargo, you may want to consider the heavy duty springs. the regular springs may hold up though, they usaully give 1/2" more than the front coils anyway. Either way, you'll be happy. (until you want to big meats anyway) Good luck!
If you're near Chicago, the place to get them is Adventure 4WD. I paid $710 for 2 coils,2 leafs and 4 shocks and did not have to pay any shipping charges since I picked them up.