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Oil leak.


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Hey y’all haven’t been back on here in a long time my jeepers been running good until I changed my oil.. I went with castrol 5w-30 and I’ve been driving it back and forth from work for about a week. Then coming home from work I noticed oil is pouring out of the slot in the bell housing. I checked the oil level and noticed I was a quart overfilled. I drained the oil down to where it was supposed to be and drove it home. But now it’s still leaking badly. Did I just blow the rear main seal out? Have you all heard of this? It never leaked before.
From your description I would say it's more likely just the pan gasket, how old are both of them?
They’re both old. I’ve looked for the leak felt behind the valve cover I didn’t feel any oil. I will keep looking before i also checked the pan gasket. The reason I think it’s the seal is because it’s leaking behind the flex plate. But I will triple check. They’re both old I haven’t needed to mess with either. It starts leaking as soon as I start the engine
My thought is it happened right after your oil change. So, I think you need to look at the oil pressure sensor, by the oil filter.
After working on it for the past week. I replaced the rear seal and oil pan gasket and oil pump. I went ahead and ordered some tracer dye. I think me overfilling it my not have been the problem. I’m starting to think it’s the front input shaft seal on the transmission. I know for certain now that nothing above the oil pan is leaking. I went ahead and checked the level of automatic transmission fluid and it is dry that’s with the motor running. If it is the fluid is super dirty. But.. I have a knock that sounds like a rod knock at the rear of the motor when idling I’m gonna pull the oil pan off and check the rear connecting rod bearings but might be a dumb question could a torque converter failure cause a knock. I’ll know more when I get the dye. There is oil pressure for certain not sure how much because it has a dummy guage on it. But I went ahead and replaced the oil pump but it was doing it before hand. I did check the the clearance between the rod cap and the journals of the crank with a feeler guage while the pan was off and they where still within spec.
You should have been able to tell the difference just by the smell!
I believe it is atf fluid by the smell. I think that knock though is a separate issue in the motor.. My engine oil level doesn’t look to be going down after running it for half and hour.
Well its very dirty.. not dark black but dirty i can’t tell the difference from my motor oil and transmission fluid. Still waiting on the dye to come in which isn’t good I topped it off last time I had to work on it. But I’ve never actually changed the fluid on the transmission with might have what caused this problem if it’s leaking
What does the trans fluid look like on the dipstick?

If you have never changed it, grab 4 quarts of good old Dex/Merc trans fluid from the store.

Remove the drain plug, drain it, reinstall the plug and fill the trans. Go ahead and put 3 quarts in and then follow the instructions on the dipstick to top it off.
Well the pump seal on the trans is the problem after using up dye. I pulled the transmission out I’m going to wash it replace the seal and new fluids. Is there anything else I should replace while the tranny is out?
While it's out, I would pull the pan and clean it and the filter!
Well this dang transmission leak is really pissing me off. I put a new seal in it. Pulled the pan cleaned it put everything back together and still leaking.. Gonna have to pull it again. I guess I’m gonna replace the pump and torque converter next. It’s not as bad as it was. When I pulled it the bell housing was all busted up. That’s another thing I replaced. After running it awhile with new fluid it’s back to being dark brown metallic color. The transmission shifted fine I never had problems with it before.
That's pretty unusual, did the torque converter have a groove in the shaft?