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Oil leak.

Well I pulled it again. Replaced the torque converter. Reinstalled and still leaking.. with the motor running I was watching the flex plate move a 1/4” not sure what’s causing it. That is where the rattle I’ve been hearing is coming from. I tried to pry on the harmonic balancer see if there was play in the crankshaft but there isn’t. I’m gonna pull it again check the flex plate for cracks. Or warpage. Think with the bell housing being busted it might have hurt it. Who knows.
You were supposed to check that on the first seal install! If there is no end play from the front than you have either a broken flex plate or a broken crank.
Well the flex plate is all busted up. That was a hard lesson to learn. I guess the vibrations is causing the front pump seal to leak.
You should also check the front pump bushing for wear.
How would I do that? I had it apart but everything looked good I wanted to put a new pump on it but parts stores don’t have one in stock I’d have to order online
But withe new tc and seal it leaked again. The uncontrolled movement may have put a additional load on the bushing from the tc input shaft.
At least a visual check, you might be able to measure it with the seal removed.
Well after taking the pump back off and inspecting the bushing. The bushing is fine. The pump housing behind the front pump seal is scarred reall bad it has grooves in it on the sides. I don’t know if it would be fine or not. I’m gonna go ahead and pick up another pump hopefully around this area
Dang that's pretty good pulling that trans out so many times.

So you were able to get a new pump?

My trans is showing signs of needing a pump I think.

It makes a whirring noise in drive and reverse but not in park or neutral or weirdly when the TCC is engaged. I don't know what it is. Shifts fine except for the whine. Been doing it for months now. It's my daily driver so I just keep rolling it.
No I actually found a used pump from dead Jeep parts it was in good shape so I installed it. I figure they don’t wear out too often mine had grooves in it on the inside so I went ahead and replaced it. Lol yeah I hope I don’t have to do all that again
That filter screen could be dirty mine was so gummed up I’m surprised I didn’t burn the transmission up. Might pull the pan and check the filter and magnet for shavings. And clean it.