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OIL in the distubuter?!?!?!?!?!?


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Citrus Heights
well my heep is cranking but still not starting???? :? :( but i took of the distubuter to maybe do the timing cuz i think it is off and i took the cap off and there was a bunch of oil in it??? i could pour it out there was so much!!! does anyone know y that is?!?!? but i odered a new one and i am replacing it!

also what is the best way to time it (ie how to the the piston at TDC and the rotor in the right postion. has anyone changed there distubuter before? this thing is about to start and with no exasht on it is going to sound FRECKIN AWSOME!! burly like a V8!! WHoo hoo!!! SOON VERY SOON. (i hope)

thanx for the help

DUDE SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! r u trying to say cuz i don't want to pay the moeny to naxja i shouldn't post on this board or somethin? i ask on this board cuz my friends are here and they ussaly answer my questions. i don't have to pay to use the pirate board or to use the JU board it is the fricken internet it is suposed to be free!!! i don't think i should have to pay to talk to people i know sure i am asking tech questions but they other forum sux. so i am sorry u don't want me posting here cuz i didn't pay money to something i don't have the friecken money for I AM SORRY it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Its not like alot of people post here anyway. I don't see any problem with helping a fellow 'wheeler out when he's been trying to get his jeep running for over a month now. Besides most likely he wouldn't get a response in the "OEM" forum.

I think NAXJA should switch all their forums into a format like Pirate 4x4 or something like that because the other forum's (think tech) layout suck.

First off, Kent: Chill.

You don't have to be a member of NAXJA to post on the OEM boards. I have had a lot of questions answered there by official Jeep techs. You'd be surprised by the answers that you get.

Secondly, don't go throwing $$$ at your distributor. You fawked up putting it back in place at the correct timing. Just clean it off, read the chiltons on how to find TDC and the correct orrientation of the dist.

I don't give a rat;s a$$ if you post tech questions on this board, but why limit yourself to the 20 or so members that frequent here, when you can have visibility to your problems by hundreds of folks on the Tech Forums. Seems pretty dumb to limit yourself.

Also, you can change the layout in NAXJA preferences to more emulate a PBB style of display.


Thanks Sean,

I know we have poked at each other back and forth about posting tech stuff on this board. The simple fact is, do you want the world to help you or just a handfull if that.

Stoney, like sean said you don't have to be a memebr to post on the other boards. That's not what I was trying to tell you, it's your choice about the membership stuff. My point was, NAXJA owns this board to. So if your getting your tech help from here, maybe you should consider that. You also made the point that there are other boards out there, but you here, with us :? . :lol: