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Event Garments, Meal and Raffle Tickets Now Available In Chapter Store


Only Marble Sharp
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Deadline for ordering event shirts/hoodies is Saturday 4/13, 11:59 p.m.

Here is the front and back or the SCF '24 Shirts and Hoodies. I hope to have them available for pre-order in the Chapter the Tuesday 3/26. Currently the back side of the store is down.

Due to image color restraints garments will only be available in Black

Click to enlarge image.


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SCF 2024 Items are now available for preorder in the Chapter store. All items except raffle tickets must be ordered prior to the event. I will announce the cut off date for clothing items at a later date.

That's the most likely, seems to satisfy the majority.

I will take requests if you have thoughts about it?
Deadline for ordering event shirts/hoodies is Saturday 4/13, 11:59 p.m.
Do the kids shirts run big? I may need to change my order from med to large
Don't know. Sorry. Let me know via PM if you want to change.
Deadline for ordering Event Meal Tickets is Wednesday 4/17, Noon PDT.
Meal tickets are no longer available in the Chapter Store. Raffle tickets are available through the store, or at the event. price will be the same.