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np231 to syncro or not to syncro


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I bent the main shaft on my np231. The replacement shaft I bought from a member has the syncro assembly and mine does not. looking at the parts list the syncro gear should work without ony problem but I have 2 questions,

What is the function of they syncro in the transfer case?

Is there any advantage / Disadvantage to using the gear with the syncro?

A little history The filter plugged on my transfer case and everything is a litle gunked up inside tolerences are still decent but the new gear with the syncro is smoother so I will use it if I can. I'm planning to run Royal Purple in it at least for a while to polish things out so It shouldent be a problem. Just to see if there is gear mesh imporvement with the royal purple I'll take wide spectrum vibration readings right after I button things up and again after 10 and 20 thosand miles.