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New here thought I would say hello!


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Just bought my first xj ,not new to Jeeps as I just sold my 77 Cj5 .Decided to by an xj cause I like the look and with a growing family it makes more since than the cj5.Like the screen name lets on I bought a 94 Cherokee Sport 4wd with the 4.0/aw4 combo with command -trac .It has 208k miles but runs and drives great.I live in Rockingham ,N.C. so if anybody is close give me a yell .I have been looking around for events but the closest thing I have found is tellico .

Enjoy your stay! we're all here to help and be helped so don't be afraid to ask about your new toy. Just remember to use the "Search" feature on the upper right before you ask something that's covered 8-10 times a week. :)

will do haha Im not new to forums as I have played with 5.0 Mustangs for about 10 years and know the search option well lol.Decided to take a break from them for a while so I sold my 86 coupe and the cj and bought the 94 to try out.Thanks!