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New guy in the NC mountains


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harrisburg, nc
Thought i'd stop in and say hello. Traded in my foreign 4 banger for a real vehicle a few weeks ago and have been loving it.

New ride is a Black 1997 "chepokee" (my R in cherokee lost a leg so it is now a P...if that makes any sense). Have the 29 spline 8.25 in the rear and I am now rockin my first auto tranny.


Went to Uwharrie for opening weekend and wheeled the crap outta it. Look forward to meeting some of you guys and learning from you.
You're not lying about it being an addiction. I made it about half a trail before I decided I needed a rear locker, some 31's and rocker protection.

This will be the DD and must carry clients to and from the river so I can't take her up to high...that will be the next rig.

hey i kno how you feel i was out there the 1st and 2nd and now i really want lockers but cant afford them i think i saw u out there too
I spent most of the time wheelin with my buddies in their rigs. Black yj on 35's, a yellow tj on 35's, and a red cherokee on 31's. Been goin up there for a few years with them...but i'm just finally joining the party :thumbup:
Welcome to the Party!!! Keep us posted on the mods you do.
Hey man welcome. Looks like you had some fun. URE is a great place to ride b/cit has stuff for people with rigs at all levels. The only bad thing about it is some of the stuff looks like you may be able to do it then ya regret it.

There are alot of us around the Charlotte area. Don't know where you live but we are always working on each others rigs helping one another out and riding together your more then welcome to join us if you like.
Thanks guys!

I live in s.w. asheville but I am down in charlotte on a regular basis. Hope to catch up with you guys at some point
Welcome! Look for URE runs i do them on the spur of the moment when it's open!