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Need tips regarding XJ bumpers...

Only you can answer your needs/wants. There are very few bumpers that are hands down better than others as they all have good/bad points. Year of your XJ even matters but are you doing this just for looks or......
do you need a winch?
do you need a receiver?
do you need full frame tie-ins?
do you need recovery points?

What are your needs?
Since the most specific detail given is that it needs to look good on a yellow XJ, my advice is to look at the bumpers on The Yellow Banana on Matt's Off-Road Recovery channel.
I think a grey base coat with a yellow finish coat will look badass ounce rock gashed.

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a black brush guard might look cool with a yellow jeep Good contrast me thinks. Note how the bumpers mount some mounts may require modification if you run shackle relocators, gas skid plate, front frame stiffeners etc.. rear bumper that ties only into stock mount locations is worthless for wenching, recovery as stock mounts are weak, too weak.

pat attention to the thickness of metal used, some bumpers are too thin for use in recovery.