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NAXJA SoCal Chapter Information & Board Members

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The NAXJA Southern California chapter includes the state of California from the city of Bakersfield South as well as the entire state of Arizona. All dues paying NAXJA members in this geographic area are automatically included in the NAXJA SoCal Chapter.

The current 2023 - 2025 Board of Directors (BOD) for the SoCal Chapter are:

Chapter President: Tim "Bent" Bentley

Chapter Vice President: Tom "Anak" Franks

Chapter Secretary/Treasurer: Carol "Carol.92124" Horsley

Elected Terms run through December 31, 2025.

Chapter merchandise may be available in the NAXJA SoCal Chapter Store.

NAXJA SoCal Chapter member business should be discussed in the SoCal Chapter Member Business Forum.

And last the SoCal Chapter has a relationship with the San Bernardino National Forest Adopt-A-Trail group and conducts regular volunteer maintenance runs. To get more information and join the next run simple keep an eye on the SoCal Chapter Adopt-A-Trail (AAT) forum.
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