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my MJ Buildup......questions

Safari Ary

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Ok, I didn't think this was gonna happen till next summer, but I may be losing the XJ as soon as tomorrow, so I need to get cranking on this. I will have about 8k to spend on the whole project, and I have admittedly VERY ambitious goals. Here's the ideal setup:

late 80's MJ w/ 4.0/Aw4/??(maybe a used Atlas if building a 231 becomes unreasonable in the $$ dept)

Full-width HP Ft 44/60 rear(Gear suggestoins??)

RE ZJ 4.5" coils using lengthened Ford radius arms/SOA on stock leafs w/ a traction bar setup

36-37s, haven't decided on tires yet, need to be able to do mud so MTRs are out, but they need to be able to be street driven, so Swampers are out, BFG KMs?.

Interior Cage/Exo/Flatbed(should I tie the cab's exo into the flat bed or should I keep them seperate to allow the "frame" to twist??)

Also thinking about doing a 2001 Front clip(have two matching fenders(slightly wrinkled) and the cracked header panel from the XJ anyway, so I figured I might as well). Does the hood need to be changed as well to match??

So here's the interesting part, besides my questions above, do you guys think this can be done on this budget?? Do you think that if I buy a comanche for 5-700$ that it will have far too many maintenance issues to deal with that will end up costing me?? I originally wanted to swap in a late model 4.0/Aw4/231 to save myself the trouble of chasing gremlins of a high mileage, tired, renix 4.0. But I think costs are gonna put the nix on that one. Thanks


P.S. Check the wanted board if you have any leads on MJs....I'm in Virginia
Here's an idea of what I'm lusting after:

Crap, I thought I was in Mod Tech when I posted this....can someone move it please? Thanks

i've been lusting after that red mj too. too bad its dead now. i believe it was running 4.0, tf 727, d300, klune v , etc, etc.

my dream mj:
d60 or d44 front/d60rear or d60 or d44 front/gm 14 rear, both welded or spooled
hummer beadlocks so it won't be too wide
37" tires (military surplus)
t-case doubler similar to this:
custom flat bed similar to this except with custom exocage/flatbed rack

LWB bobbed just behind the rear shackle hangers
tf 727 trans, either d300 with chevy front axle or np 231 ford front
bushwacker front flares
97+ front clip
custom front bumper, used winch

i want everything as cheap as possible yet fairly heavy duty.
estimated budget:
base truck: $1000
axles: $1500
gears: $1000 (installed)
trans, t-case: $500
Tire, rims: $500
Winch: $500
steel for bumper, flatbed, cage: $500

i'm sure i forgot a million things, but thats $5500 so far. it leave you about $2500 left over in your budget. i know this isn't much help, but this post just got me excited about mj's!
do it your self kit...mostly here...still on way is coil overs.....four link arms for rear.....tubing for flatbed and cage......alum....mastercraft seats.......




I'm actually plannin something in between. Maybe flat bed isn't quite the right word. It's gonna have wheelwells and short sides that are the height of the wheelwells. Prolly make it out of 2x2 and skin it in 1/8", it's gonna be line-xed so I dunno if the diamond tread is worth the money. Anywho, the first step is to find an MJ that runs well, but isn't the prettiest.
I'm with Brian, I don't think that 'yota looks good either. My idea is actually based off a flat-bed 'yota in my club that I think looks really good.

Anyway, what do you guys think about tieing the exo of the cab into the bed, i.e. trying to keep the bed and the cab from flexing independently. Is this stupid to do on a P/U Chassis?? I know we all try and rigidize our XJs to prevent stress cracks and such, does that theory still apply?? Thanks