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My M416 restomod/hole to throw money in

I made the mistake of welding in the wrong footwear once. I don't intend to ever do it again.

It was one of those things where a buddy dropped off his truck and I took it over to another buddy's shop to use his lift to weld in a new muffler. It wasn't until I got the truck up on the lift and started working on it before I realized my mistake. It just didn't seem worth it to get the truck back off the lift and drive back home to get real shoes. Well, I managed to drop a dingleberry right between my toes. I swear those nerves were still complaining that my foot was on fire 12 months afterwards. I have become pretty insistent about always wearing real shoes.
Working on the last couple mount tabs and closing up the corners today. My welds are mine and thankfully not on anyone else’s gear.






Finishing up all the welding today. Had to put pockets in to clear the drain plugs in the tub.



Put a crossmember in to support the batteries inside the tongue box.


Put 3/4” led markers up front in case the super troopers of the DE state police want to hassle me.


Took all the brackets off, pulled all the harnesses off and hit the frame with a wire wheel. Tomorrow it gets por-15 and then everything goes together for real.
I bought a HF tongue box and it fits pretty good.


I got new lenses for the tail lights. They already have led bulbs in them and the convoy lights will be on a switch for fun.


I ordered a new parking brake handle but the surplus place sent me the wrong one. It’s going to get relocated on the inside passenger tongue rail with an additional bellcrank and custom rods and clevises.
Shock mounts cut from the original brackets and welded on. I didn’t have good measurements so I looked at pictures and took a swag at it.




Cleaned, wire wheeled and degreased. Installed the last two rivnuts for the tongue box and then started painting.






Looking good!

Can't wait to see it soon!

mac 'deadline is coming up' gyvr
I have got to be missing something...What keeps that shock absorber on that mount?
A cotter pin.

You have to push it on pretty hard to get to the pin hole in the stud. I probably exaggerated the problem with my weld but it still works.
Got the bottom of the tub coated with por-15. Then did the bottom of the frame.




Installed the marker light so I wouldn’t lose them.


Marveled at my lack of welding skills before I painted over them. If you want to hide your ineptitude I recommend por-15.


Then I installed a new pioneer stereo into my wife’s FJ Cruiser because she wanted wireless CarPlay and I wanted vehicle gauges.



And now I pack for a work trip to California. Next weekend we get it rolling.
Finishing up all the welding today. Had to put pockets in to clear the drain plugs in the tub.

Looks to me like those pockets would allow water to get down inside the frame (considering all the nice work you've done so far to build it, that doesn't seem desirable).

If you're not planning on closing those off, are you going to use one of those long-wanded sprayers or something to coat the inside of the frame to prevent rust from the inside?
I thought about doing the extra fab to completely close them off, but the top of the crossmember is real snug to the bottom of the tub. I probably should have done it but I figure that by the time water gets in there and rusts from the inside out it will be my kid’s problem.

I’ve been trying to balance the perfection vs good enough argument and I’m just at the point where it needs to get done and on the road.
Glad to have been of service then!
Lots of progress the last week or so. Spent the week in San Diego for work so lots of stuff was waiting for me when I got home.

Picked up a legit m100 canvas reproduction top.


Got the leaf spring brackets cleaned and painted and then mounted for the last time.





Late last night after a lot of painting I hung the leaf springs and axle.




This morning I was ready to see if the thing was going to be a trailer. Mounted the wheels and pushed it outside. Surprisingly everything fits.



Then back to the grinder. Got the landing leg and the safety chains cleaned up.


Two trips to TSC (I should buy stock) because military safety hooks are too thick for regular end links. Decided on some new chain to save me some time.


And finally, no more chassis paint. Bonus points if you can name the WF raffle prize in the picture.


I have to drive my oldest to and from summer camp the next two weekends and I have to go to NM for work in two weeks so the thrash is on to get the wiring and tub painting done. My hvlp gun, mixing kit and respirator came today and the OD paint will be here on Tuesday.

I haven’t decided on diy bedliner or having someone do it but I might just drive it to linex to save time.
The orange hammer is a WF raffle prize...

What’s a late night for you?

mac ‘past 11? :flipoff2:’ gyvr
Got some wiring done.




Final connections inside the tongue box.


Then out to the tongue with the vehicle connector.



Discovered that my m416 hub on a m100 axle swap is not plug and play. The backing plates and brakes are the same but the m100 spindle is 1/4” longer between the bearing surfaces. The bearings are the same bore size so I’m going to run an 1/8” inner spacer on the spindle to bring the hub out to the right place on the spindle. I checked the bearings and they run where they’re supposed to if we add a little room behind the inner bearing.



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Nate and I couldn’t find any creative solutions on the internet, just a lot of they’re not compatible. I’m hoping this is an easy fix and gives people an option if they have bad m100 hubs. There are no reproduction hubs anywhere but there’s still lots of m416 parts in the surplus yards.






It will take a little dremel work, but these washers were 10 for $7 on amazon and they have the 1.625 inner diameter for the spindle.