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My Green Junk


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I think this is a chapter issue because I have done so much of my wheeling in the Sierra Chapter. :confused1

That and my original thread in Pictures got deleted.

Bought the Jeep from Keven in mid-May 2004. Put my geared axles under it, put on my MT/Rs, ran the Rubicon.


Did snow runs with Brett.

Went to Red Dog / Greenhorn to show off my new flames on the hood.

Took a trip up to the Black Rock desert.

Decided I needed to run the Rubicon, doorless.

Decided to go windowless, too...halfway up Big Sluice.

Finished making my half door and went out to Bald Mountain.

I was so impressed by Scrappy's rig I decided to ditch my hatch and windows, and get a roof rack and taillight boxes.

Added some lights and got invited to a Fordyce run.

Got hooked up with D30 high steer by URF Racing.

Took it back to the Rubicon again to test it out.

Got some new wheels and took it to Hollister.
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I wasn't going to let that stop me, but I was stopped when I high centered on a rock at Frank Raines park.

I was also stopped when I broke a centering tab off of my rear pinion yoke on a snow run.

I did sucessfully make it to a snow run in January.

It was quite cold.

I was again invited up to URF shop.

We put in clearance-robbing long arms.

After that came, guess what, another Rubicon run.

My front pinion yoke decided that it had had enough of the driver's upper control arm, and broke.

That sentiment was shared by my transmission bellhousing a few weeks later. Unlike the pinion yoke, I didn't have a spare.

I ended up replacing the t-case as well, with a unit sourced all the way from Utah.

I could finally go wheeling again, and Ron towed my junk up to Swamp Lake for me.

Passing that test, I was able to drive it to Stoddard Valley a week later.

Cracker and ROBERTK were jealous of how well my junk worked.

I followed that up with a trip to JV, but the WCGIC guys who were there weren't impressed by my driving or by how much sheetmetal I still had.
Another November meant another Hollister run.

There was also a January snow run I don't have pictures from, and a pair of Tard Runs to Prairie City.

However, I was able to get a new pair of fenders at one time and paint them up to replace my old mangled ones.

They look good from a few feet away.

Don't forget the chromed out grill!

Edit: Thanks to everyone who I've taken pictures of my junk from. BrettM, Captain Ron, Kernel, Opie, Letterman, Scrappy, maybe more? Thank you to CRASH, Captain Ron, Opie, Scrappy, BrettM, and EricsXJ for help working on my junk, maybe more? Thank you to everyone I've gotten drunk and called to say hi. Thank you to everyone who's wheeled with me. Thanks for all the parts, BrettM, CRASH, Jes, Cracker, Alloy USA, Detroit Locker, Eagle Alloy wheels, Interco Tire, Dana Spicer, Teraflex, Rubicon Express, Bilstein, Hansen Enterprises, Custom4x4Fabrication, Tomken, Rigwerks, KC Lights, JKS Manufacturing, Turbo City, Magnaflow, AWShifting.com, Miller Welders, Anheiser-Busch, Chopin Vodka, Duplicolor, Sparks, Yukon Gear (but not axles), maybe more?
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Phil said:
Anheiser-Busch, Chopin Vodka,


Not supposed to use those in the same sentence, nor use them at the same time.

Great Green Junk Phil!


I hope this isn't a eulogy...

the attrition rate seems to be on the rise (or interest on the decline at least) and we can't afford to loose a quality guy.
you need to tell the truth phil and finish this thing out so people know whats going on.

yes folks.. its that serious.

Ok folks, you deserve to know. I was going to hold out until I felt the time was right, but...

Scrappy and Opie helped me make it (or did I watch them make it for me?).
The man with the sheetmetal shop punched out the 20ga CRS.

we didnt do half bad on matching that front tube with what was left of your body line did we? :D
Looks good:thumbup:
Phil that thing Sucks!!!

(not really I just wanted to be different) :twak:

I have a few shots of that thing on the Rubicon last June:


I mean, the "white on green" colors scheme is nice, but I personally would have opted for something more like "fuchsia on green".

Looks good.

Jeezus H, how many Xj's is that damn t-case gunna see in it's lifetime?

Great pics and story Phil..