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Moab web page



Shelly and I will definitely be attending the Moab run this year. After not attending Last year at Moab, and then with the Colorado run canceled, We are in bad need of an XJ outing. Is there a web page up yet for the Moab event? Is there a signup location setup on the naxja web site? It would sure be great to see who is going, so that we might possibly make arrangements to convoy with those in our area, and those also on the way to Moab. GRNT, Shelly and I have only run Moab once, and do not know the trails very good at all, otherwise we would love to help out with trail leading. We can't wait to see our old friends again, as well as getting to meet new faces. Excitement seems too little of a word to explain how we feel about this up coming Moab event.

I'll be there, it will be good to see you and Shelly again. The Moab info page should be up soon. We are still going to CO, BTW, and you could join us for a few trails. Check out the CO forum for details.....I'll be there, too.

Richard G

Thanks Richard for the CO info.
Dont' know if we can make it for sure or not. If for sure, I will let you know.