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May Madness Jamboree


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Hi folks, some of you will remember me from riding in Gardendale in the past. Some of you will remember riding in Gardendale and calling it posessed! LOL

Anyway, I'm here to talk to you about an event my club (C.A.O.S.) is having in May at Gray Rock ORV.

It's called the May Madness Jamboree and the dates are the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th. The ORV park it's being held at is nothing short of awesome! It sits on roughly 2100 acres of prime wheelin' turf that I'm sure you'd be interested in riding on.

I'm including a link to both the park's website and to a printable information sheet and registration form for those of you that would like to pre-register.
Gray Rock ORV
Info Sheet & Registration Form

I didn't show those of you that rode Gardendale with me a bad time and I promise you won't have a bad time in May either! Give Kudzu a shout about me if you'd like to know if I'm a madman or not. LOL

So, look the sites over, let me know if you have any questions, and hopefully, I'll see you there!

- Scott Wilson aka Raider
Public Relations Director/C.A.O.S. :us:
OK,it sounds cool,but I have one question:

WHICH MOUNT OLIVE!?!? :shocked:

I did a search on Mapquest for Mount Olive Alabama and it said there were 9 Mount Olive's in AL. Waz up wit' you Bama peoples?? Run outta good names for towns so ya'll just use the same ol' ones over an' over again?!?!? :D