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Look what FedEx brought to me yesterday....

Ted Z

NAXJA Forum User
Thats how it all gets started !!! Starting thinking real hard about those zerk fittings.Depending on what type of thread your using and which part you will remove for adjustment will affect access to grease them.On mine I leave the JJ's on and disconnect the front,this means I have to go in 1 full turn increments.If I wanted to do 1/2 turns at the JJ I would have to redrill the JJ on the ohter side!
Thanx, Didn't think of that. I'll keep it in mind.... Hopefully i will be building arms the week or two after 4th of july......
Do you have your frame brackets built yet?
My arms start moving inward as they go back!I was able to weld the JJ's on at 90* and adjust the rear brackets.The front bushings had to be mitered about 5*.See the 6th pic for the brackets.I just made the arms long on the axle end and then fit them later.

You could make the arms adjustable at both ends with opposite direction threads. Don't remove, just loosen the jam nuts and twist the arm.
Matt Kramp
You could but its a bad idea.Your stuck with full turn adjustment plus the axle moves twice as much.Plus its a whloe bunch more work!Strength is also to be considered.
i was going to just put threads at both ends........ both RH threads though. My arms are going to be close to the pics you posted.... Still deciding on length also.
I would think about that some more!There is no real benifit but it does have drawbacks.Besides the extra cost and labor,the front lowers would see both tension and compression adding stress on the threads.Jam nuts dont do much for you under tension.