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SYE manufacturers....I can't find a clear answer.


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Slip yoke eliminators...... They all look identical. I've searched the forum and Google searched and only saw one guy that give actual reasoning behind as to why he thinks they're all the same, just repackaged. Says he has installed several and they they all look exactly the same, shipped in the same box with the same set of instructions and the same speedo gear in all of them. Everyone else is saying "yes, there is a difference!", but give no proof. They just feel good about the one they bought. So here's the question..... Are they all the same, just repackaged? If so, I'll order a Rough Country SYE through my buddy. If there is a difference, what is it and whose are different?
I have always gone with JB Conversions on 2 sye kits, a new NV OR 241, and wide chain kits. Their parts and customer service is outstanding!
It's a small specialized business so the phones are not ringing off the wall. John and his wife sell USA products not Chinese cloans!
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i know the procomp sye used to be a repacked teraflex. I just ordered an advance adapters today for my tj. the procomp one has been on my xj for 20 years without a problem.