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Rear Brake Noise Question and Hepl Please


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I had a metallic scraping noise coming from my right rear brake. Found it to be the brake adjusting pawl contacting the drum. Cut off the bottom of the pawl to match pictures I brought up on the web. Now that noise is gone I have a new noise and it only seems to happen going forward. It sounds more like a scraping noise or if there is sand or something in the drum. Hard to describe but does not sound like metal on metal. When I had the right rear drum off the lining still looked good. Jeep still stops good. Appreciate any and all ideas as to what it could be and how to correct it.
Thanks in advance for any and all help,
Something else is wrong, there should be no way for the pawl to contact the drum.
I've heard it's a common problem on after market brake kits for xjs.

Anything is posible if you use the wrong parts or don't assemble them correctly!
Anything is posible if you use the wrong parts or don't assemble them correctly!


I don't know what engineer came up with that wire cable idea, but I am not impressed. Too many fiddly bits. Too easy to screw it up. But that is the design we got, so you have to figure it out and get it right.
Yeah you've got to be careful, I went about 6 months a brake shop, a desert shop, and my own mechanic chasing down an improperly done drum job. First guys didn't install the adjuster right, which wound up causing semi-rubbing breaks turning into some smoking and serious shuddering 400 miles from a real shop. Finally convinced desert shop to just back off the adjuster enough to get me home. Then brake shop replaced a bunch of stuff but didn't even hook up the adjuster. Took it to my mechanic who boggled that the wheel couldn't be turned by hand. They mostly fixed it but put on a dud drum. Then they had to close shop to high rent. Final shop put on another drum and so far so good.

Moral of the story, few folks even know how drum brakes are supposed to work any more.