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longer control arms


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Florence SC
how high can i go with stock control arms, and does anyone have some specs, pics, or plans of longer homemade, or purchased ones?
cherokee america has an article on a cheap xj and when he built it he used stock controller arms on a 6 inch lift but that is really streching it and it did require alot of cutting. I would personally not go with out replacing them they are far to weak for 4wheeling.
I wouldn't go over 3.5" personally. I am about to go 5.5" with stockers, but I am using Trailmaster control arm drop brackets. They drop the CA's 3" from the frame, so the lift is really only 2.5" for them.

I would modify (cut) the shock mounts on the front axle to allow the stock lower control arms a little more travel as the axle droops.

I don't know about the strength of the stock arms. I do know that they actually twist a bit in extreme articulation. This can be good and bad. Good for better flex. Bad because this will eventually fatigue the metal and cracks will form. A broken control arm on the freeway is not my idea of a good time.

Another plus of the stockers is the factory rubber bushings. They eliminate alot of road noise that "super dooper flexy" aftermarket joints will not. The bad side, of course, is that the factory bushings are not "super dooper flexy".

But the biggest benefit of all to the factory arms is the price. Free to all who buy a stocker. ;)