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Drop Brackets to fix bent frame mounts?

Not knowing what it's going to take to get this fixed I wouldn't spend a lot on either item yet!
You also can't rule out a problem with the steering box!
Another thing that you haven't mentioned is the steering tie rod/trackbar set-up and angles?
I bought a brand new not refurbished steering box. Once that didn't fix it I welded in a SFR frame brace and spacer. The frame rails didn't look bent, cracked and the stock spacer looked good without any stress fractures, until I put pressure on it to verify it was in good shape LoL. Seriously though I have done everything I can possibly think of besides drop brackets or just cutting them off.
IRO HD Tie rod bar, Rusty's Adjustable Front Track Bar, Rustys Dual Steering Stabilizer Shocks, 1.25" Drop Pitman Arm, SFR Heavy Duty Track Bar Bracket, Timken Wheel Bearing / Hubs, RT Off-Road Ball Joints
Kind of sounds like a abortion, pics would be best showing the angles.
I don't understand why I cannot convey that before this vehicle, or "abortion" as you so eloquently put, was parked for a long duration there were no problems in the steering; which means that regardless of what angles the track bar, tie rod bar, alignment geometry specs, or any equipment being used, actually WORKED. I don't know what happened during that 8+ month or so time period when it wasn't driven normally that could have caused this severe of damage to anything, but something did and I have been chasing it since. While it was in between build stages I took it for a few short cruses, but I wasn't bouncing it off rocks or jumping curbs, just some "spirited" driving.
Over the last 2-3 years now I have replaced items I could think of as possible culprits with O.E. or substantially higher quality in an attempt to resolve this problem. I am now at the point where I believe the only thing left that it could be is the slightly bent/bowed frame mounts for the control arms.
8 months doesn't sound like enough time for rubber to go bad, unless it was already starting. I'm thinking about the bushings in your control arms. When a vehicle sits surprises can arise when you put it back on the road. But the problem you're having is the last one I would think of as a result of sitting.

This may sound stupid, and it may well be; have you tried rotating the tires front to back?
This may sound stupid, and it may well be; have you tried rotating the tires front to back?
see post 10 and 11
Really out there question, how does it handle when you make a slow turn on asphalt? Your description earlier almost sounds like it’s in 4hi. Do you have a full time or part time t-case?
Maybe a year and a half or so ago, (after the problem started) I thought about the bushings as well and replaced all that looked/felt remotely questionable, which was considerably more than I thought there would be. Those components hadn't been on for much more than like 1.5-2 years.

It has the 231 T-Case, so part time. That is a very interesting thought. I do know that feeling of turning tightly with 4-Hi engaged. I know the vehicle intimately enough to know if it's engaged while driving straight as well, and it's defiantly not that. Unfortunately that ticks another box in the "XJ WTF is it saga". LoL

I did order some cheap drop brackets earlier today, ($65) and figure if they can hold up long enough to prove/disprove the weak bracket theory, then a decision can be made of which route to then take.