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Leveling OME lift with AAL and ARB bull bar


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Just scored a used ARB bull bar! Would 3 stock isolators up front and an AAL in the back be level when I add the bull bar and winch? I'm thinking about the ACOS thingy, but it's pricey.
The AAL will give you about 20mm lift in the rear, so to even that out one additional coil spring isolator will compensate for it. The weight of the ARB bumper and winch (I have a Warn M8000 in mine) will as a combination sag the front about 20mm with OME934 springs and maybe even a bit more with the OME930 springs. Three isolators should get you close, but I'd rather get a 1.75 spacer and put that in with one isolator and take it from there. I'm currently running just a 1.75" spacer (no isolators) in combination with RE4.5" springs and two AALs added to the OME leaf spring pack but I have a nose down stance (should mention I have longer shackles in the rear as well). When I next time take out my front coil springs I'll add one isolator to level things out. That should give just below 6" in the front and just over 6" in the rear.
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