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Length of rear brake hose


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Recently got a 1997 xj. I took it to Firestone to get the free brake inspection. I'm told my fronts are good but my rears need to be completely replaced. Was pretty much expecting that. I'm not lifting the jeep from stock anytime soon, but I will eventually. I've decided that since I'm going to have to bleed brakes anyway, I may ad well get a longer rear brake hose while I'm at it so I won't have to do it again when I lift. My only issue is choosing the length. Stock looks to be just under 15", and I can get them in 18 and 21" (the latter actually being a lifted yj cable). But, I will probably never lift the thing more than 3" for my application. Is there a problem/downside to getting too long of a hose?

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If you go with SS hose length doesn't really matter. Rubber hoses get a additional spongy feeling with more hose.