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Resetting Brake fault light


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Had a rear wheel cylinder fail causing loss of all fluid and setting my brake error light on my dash. Replaced the wheel cylinder, filled the master cylinder and power vacuum bled the rear wheel cylinders. Vehicle has good braking in both forward and reverse directions. First time brake pedal is pressed light comes on and then goes out when pedal is pressed again. Why is the light coming on still and how can I get it to go off and stay off.
Thanks in advance for any and all help,
There are only 3 things that turn that lamp on.
Switch on the ebrake handle
Switch on the proportioning valve
Switch on the fluid reservoir (95+ only iirc)

Unplug one at a time and see which makes it go away, then work from there. You may not have gotten 100% of the air out of the MC (can be hard with it still mounted on the booster if you let air get into it from a totally failed line and the reservoir running dry on one side) which will result in the switch on the proportioning valve possibly momentarily triggering from pressure imbalance even though the brakes feel good, but I wouldn't look into it until you know which switch is causing the light.