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Power Steering Return Hose


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Got a 1997 xj and I needed to replace two of my hoses on my radiator as they were cracked. Figured why not just replace all four while I am at it. Go to replace the lower hose and it was pushing against the power steering return hose. Pull it off and compare it to my old one. Slightly different angle of bend. Get a different one that looks exactly like the old one. Again same issue. Tried to swivel the power steering hose around with no change.

I understand I could maybe bend the PS hose a bit but concerned that may weaken it. I could replace it with a new PS hose as the bend does look slightly different. However, in my research I have seen a few that come straight out of the steering box and the rubber hose part of the Return line would go over the lower radiator hose.

So my question is does the power steering return line need the bend or can I just go straight up to the power steering reservoir and over the top of the radiator hose?
You'll need some flex in the line to compensate for the flex in the motor mounts.
I did what you are thinking about. Been 10 yrs. with no problems.

Routing doesn't matter as long as you don't kink the line. Mine does a 90 out and under the rad hose as it goes to the cooler in my grille.