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January 2013 Off-Season Volunteer Workday

Do you plan on attending the workday?

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Just a heads up. I'll be bowing out of this one. The weather here is bad and it's going to freeze tonight. I don't want to be in a ditch in a 7500 lb 2wd truck in the morning or tomorrow night. If I was closer, it would be different.

Nick - I'll get with doug and see if we can work out a different parts train.

Sorry fellas. I'm a little more wiser in my old age than when I was young and stupid.

No worries. Roads are pretty slick here tonight as well.

How far from Charlotte are you? Maybe we can still meet at a halfway point or something for Dougies stuff? Not sure if it would be any easier for Doug if Nick has it in Raleigh versus you and I meeting up. He was originally planning on coming to get them from me next weekend, but I know it won't be an issue to reschedule that part of it...
I drove out to Kannapolis and met up with the Cagle's at RS Braswell Bobcat at 10:30 and then headed out to Uwharrie. We unloaded at the double parking lot then headed to the spray field to get guard rail (25 footers) and posts. Loaded those up and headed back to the double parking lot and unloaded. Also found out our workload has been beefed up also, so anyone worrying about there not being enough work do not fear. We now have a total of 16 pieces of railing to put in. Here are some pictures from the day:





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Enjoying a warm breakfast at the outpost. Everyone who is coming drive safe. 109 has lots of ice...
Where does the FS get the guardrail from? I might have a source for some if its needed.
Where does the FS get the guardrail from? I might have a source for some if its needed.

I don't have an answer for that question, but I am getting one so I should know sometime tomorrow. I will let you know as soon as I find out something official.

Leg is doing better, so thoughts and prayers that it isn't fractured seem to be working.