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Stanislaus National Forest Volunteering


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NAXJA Member
Newcastle, CA
Hello All,

As an update for our continued volunteer work in the Stanislaus National Forest, Calaveras District (aka Hermit Valley campground to most) I wanted to give a quick update and make this a sticky thread as our Volunteer Agreement will be valid for three years.

Last Friday, May 21st, the Stanislaus Nat'l Forest Volunteer Coordinator reached out with the details for a formal volunteer agreement we would need to sign and enter in to before continuing any further projects at Hermit Valley, main reason to be sure we're covered by the National Forest liability insurance on top of our own NAXJA liability insurance.

As a part of this process, I'll be bringing a sheet everyone who would like to volunteer for a Hermit Valley workday would need to sign - even if you won't likely make it but there's a .0001% chance you would, still sign up please! In order for a volunteer work day to proceed, we have to have everyone's signature on file who will be attending, parental signature required for minors.

I'll be reviewing the documents further this Tuesday, May 25th with the Forest Service and I will be signing up as our main point of contact between NAXJA and the National Forest Service, so please no injuries on volunteer days to help save me additional paperwork! Not that I'm trying to jinx it but we'll need to create an OSHA/Forest Service approved safety plan as well for each volunteer day that we'll all need to review as a group :lecture:

Again, I'll be bringing the sign up sheet to RenoFest, the RTF workday in June and SierraFest for anyone interested in volunteering with future projects with the Stanislaus National Forest, Calaveras District that are NAXJA sponsored - please be sure to sign up and feel free to ask questions!

As for the next volunteer day - we do not have one scheduled yet at this time, we need to get the Volunteer Agreement in place first which is good for three years before we need to go through this process again. If you aren't able to sign a document on any of the three aforementioned trips, no worries - please reach out and I'll email you a document you can print and then mail (like snail mail, mail) to the Forest Service to be added to our NAXJA Volunteer Agreement, all signatures must be originals, no e-signing or scanned and emailed signatures.

The next proposed Hermit Valley projects would be: Help create the connecting road between day use staging area and Hermit Valley campground for direct access between the two areas to the Deer Valley trailhead as well as re-painting and brightening up the Hermit Valley restroom, all materials for these two projects would be supplied by the Forest Service, labor provided by NAXJA :cheers:

Stay tuned for more to come and I can share my next update in person at RenoFest and post the follow up conversation online for everyone else too!