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I F***ed myself........


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I have been chasing a clunk somewhere up front. I did find a loose tie rod but that wasn't it. I decided to grease/lube everything (broke a super-flex zerk) and the clunk went away! I will pull the one arm to fix the zerk and inspect/rebuild the joint but I'll have to wait and see if the clunk returns!
At this point I'd like to think it's the super-flex joint, the zerk was frozen and not taking grease when it blew apart. I've got the spare parts or rebuild kits for everything on the Jeep. I was prepared to tackle the entire front end this weekend but now I'll focus on the one long arm.
I've got the driver arm out and torn apart. The joint actually looks great after 20yrs, I'll go ahead and install the new races since I have them along with a new zerk but I highly doubt is was my clunk. The other rubber joints on that arm were replaced a few years ago and show no signs of wear.
After cleaning up the races and checking them against a new set set, I just re-installed the original ones!