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Well. I'm an idiot. I get to rebuild my motor.


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Alton, Illinois
Hers how it happened. Went wheeling ( I know I shouldn't wheel stock but it wasn't anything super fun. More of a mud bog. ) with my buddy's who had full size trucks that were also stock. We were havin fun when my buddy got stuck. So I hook up and pull him out then he wanted a tug of war so we did. I lost once he was out of the deep bud. Then I got hot. That gauge sucks. It's an idiot light and only works at 100-220 then stops till 255. Then it jumps and stays. It was all of 260 at the gauge and I'm thinking I'm done for. I let it sit, hood open for about 3 hours. Turn the key on and the gauge is back to 210. I don't trust it so I get it to the gas station about 2-3 miles down the road and I hear it boiling in the expansion tank again. So I kill it and get the rad cap off without burning myself. I let it sit again for about another 2 hours and filled it with water. Got it home and herd it ticking and clattering pretty bad. Right as I pulled in the drive it got a lot worse. I herd almost rod knock from the top end. Turned out I flattened a cam lobe and it calapsed the lifter. I drove home on a flat love and the metal from the cam found its way into all the bearings and destroyed them. Rod and main bearings are gone. Got a new cam and lifters and just ordered the bearings. I'm going to polish the crank at my dads machine shop with polishing cloth and put it all back together. Fresh rebuild for about 600. I'll post pics when I get home.

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