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How many miles on your rig?


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I just turned 160,000 mile on my 88 XJ!!
How many miles do you have on your rig?

:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
I had 146,xxx last year when my odometer stopped. My wife has 170K on hers. I dont believe either of us have the original motor.

My friend just got his...showing 215K on the odo and definitly the original motor. Sounds like it too. Last owner used it to tow his camero to the dragstrip 50 miles away twice a week. He sold it when some quick lube shop drained his fluids and forgot to refill the transfercase...
drag car on trailer --70 mph---dry transfer case---:wave1: ==cheap jeep
246,XXX on an 88 that is my daily driver, purchased from my father-in-laws estate when he died. but my family van an 92 F--D conversion has 220,XXX on original E4OD, with a complete motor rebuild at 171K by local speed shop, runs better now that when we got it with 30k on it. Preventative maintenance RULES
192,000 on both her 88 and my 89 XJs. Hers seems a little stronger, but has smallish tires spinning vs my 33" MTs

My LWB MJ toasted an engine @ 120k, swapped in a rebuilt 4.0...broke the block @ 5000k approx :bawl: but I think a good welder could repair it Ifn I ever get it removed.
151,681 on my 88 as of feb 2002 when my speedo cable mysteriously came disconnected:rolleyes: It is my daily driver and I would guess it is pushing 180,000 now. It suffers from all the typical 4.0 problems and still turns my 33 with stock gears pretty well:D

My 91' had 179K when I bought it. It now has 212K. It still runs good but it has made a ticking sound since I first got it. I plan to drive it till it dies then replace it with a newer engine.
My 88 has 153,xxx and I replaced the motor at 149,xxx with a junk yard motor that had 80,xxx apparently easy miles. The motor is strong and was really clean inside when I opended it up to put the new oil pump in before installing the motor.

The original motor was a mess!! The guy I got it from seemed to not like changing the oil. I found that out when I took the oil pan off to replace the original oil pump (which failed, wonder why!!) and there was 2" :eek: of muck in the bottom of the pan. The lack of oil changes lead to the engine having soooo much wear and clearence in the mains that it couldn't hold oil pressure even with 20W50!! I suppose I can't complain for $500.00!

Now to tackle the rust holes and cut out the rotted rockers, weld in some tube and who knows I might even win the lottery YEAH RIGHT!!! Then maybe I will get around to putting in some spacers in the front to level it out.
171,000 on my 96
160,000 on the donor 87
117,00 on the wife,s 98
On the 96 only maintaince items have been replaced,Knock on wood!
1988 - 243,000
1993 - 187,000
2000 - 32,000
Mine is just getting broken in. 79,000 on a 96.
98,000 on my 97
The odometer reads 109k...on a 95, same thing its read since the last time this thread went around and same as the time before that.

mac 'put less than 500 miles on it last year' gyvr
23,000 on my '01