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  • it is actually know as the lion rampant and is the unofficial Scottish flag. I am Scottish by birth immigrated here 30 years ago and I also have family in Xenia.
    Your avatar is very similar to my family coat of arms, does yours have a forked tail (twin-tailed)? I live in Colorado now but grew up in Fairborn, OH. I have family there and in Xenia.
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    From the beginning of 20th century the coat of arms of the family in Europe was a crowned, fourchy (tail forked) lion on the shield, and an issuant crowned, fourchy lion as a crest. Due to genealogical research it was found that in the 17th and 18th century the family used a cramp on its arms. To refer to this elder tradition the family adopted in 1997 a new coat of arms, which is a combination of the two earlier arms. The new coat of arms of the family is now registered at the Dutch Central Office for Genealogy. The official description is as follows: In red a crowned fourchy gold lion; crest: a red cramp between a pair of red wings; mantling: red lined with gold.
    I was a medic in the army from 1955 till 1959 and was assigned to the 501st armored med co attached to the 14th armored cav as a field medic ambulance driver got hooked on jeeps in those days following tanks on border patrol on the east german border
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