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NOS/86 said:
i had a bad day ............but it was fun . and a good turnout . also nice meeting ya'll .

i hate to say , but this meet/greet ride was the last for my ol' junky xj . i'm putting ol'yeller down . well the calico heep .

no 4low ....
1 bent wheel
2 broke u-joints
broke tailshaft off of t-case
running very,very poorly
trans not wanting to pull from heat

well i got pulled from the mtn .....loaded up , made a phone call , went and checked out a new xj .

i'm getting a 95 with a 104,000miles ! picking it up later this week . i guess i won't be wheelin for a couple of weeks while i swap the lift , axles , and a few other parts over to the new ride .

Keepin the first one to build up as a monster right?
ZacSquatch said:
Keepin the first one to build up as a monster right?

nope ......stripping it . it has served me well over the last 5 almost 6yrs . i'm going to keep it around for parts / hard times . unless someone wants the body,bad running motor,??able trans ,broke t-case .

i have aonther xj i bought just to build a monster out of . the one i bought yesterday is going to be my new driver/trail xj .
when is next time??? i had a blast at Aetna. it was my first time, and probably the most fun wheeling i've done... in my xj, gone to several places with some friends in bigger rigs that i can't keep up with...